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Learn a new language with us
At UpSchool Project we believe that learning languages is not only a valuable social skill but is also helpful academically and in later years, professionally. We teach basic proficiency in multiple languages to children who are at the ideal age to absorb, recall and enjoy the process of learning another language that will add to their arsenal.

Courses are offered in Hindi and Tamil, ideal for ages 6 years plus and are taught through a combination of story telling and conversations.

The benefits of learning languages
UpSchool Project is based in Chennai, South India, home to both Tamil and Hindi native speakers where there is a prevalent culture of learning through the art of story telling and through conversations.

It is proven that learning multiple languages, especially at a young age, fires up new pathways in the brain and sharpens cognitive and social skills. We believe that children can easily gain fluency over multiple languages with the right exposure and a great learning environment.

Our teachers use Montessori methods and through visual story-telling and one-on-one discussions, create a fun and comfortable learning journey for children. By picking up a new language, children can connect with family, gain better career prospects and also fulfil their language requirements at school.

Through a gently guided approach, our students are exposed to a new language and embark on an exciting linguistic journey as they explore new sounds and nuances. Through picture filled story books that are centered around a theme, our teachers create a base for discussions, grammar and vocabulary building. The themes could range from colors to animals to sports and changes every class. Over time children are gradually introduced to more complex stories, thereby expanding their vocabulary and conversational skills.